Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The First Step to Being a Lady, (and the most important.)

The first step to being a lady, and the most important step, is:

Do not, by any means, on any occasion, for any reason, EVER wear overalls. When I see Scout in them, running around with the boys it nearly drives me up the wall! A Proper lady wears a dress, and not just on Sunday. Overalls are for boys, and they do not make a good impression on ANYONE if you are trying to give off the image of class. Here is one suggestion:
When wearing a dress, one must stay out of messes, which I bring up in the second step.  

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  1. What a totally creative response to an assignment! Like so many other things you do, this goes above what is required. I am so impressed by your ability to take an "ordinary" assignment and make it something special. The pictures and quips at the end of your descriptions are actually much more clever than Aunt A. would probably be; nevertheless, it is written as if you were "walking around in her skin." Atticus would be proud. 7/6 for certain!