Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Final Step to Becoming a Proper Lady.

A lady is full of grace, beauty, elegance, love, respect, and kindness, and becoming a lady is one of the greatest tasks any girl will ever have. These steps are only a mere guidline, or "backbone", being a lady isn't something that can ever really be taught. Every little girl has a little lady inside them, just waiting to come out, and that is the final step to becoming a lady.

Fourth Step:

Another step dear Scout has much difficulty with, is talking out of turn. A lady should only speak when spoken to. They must answer when asked a question, and they must never interupt. A proper lady speaks with grace and beauty, something poor Scout has not yet learned how to do.
The Third Step:

A young lady, dare I say woman, must not swear. Scout has much trouble with this rule, saying awful words such as "Hell" and "Damn", which are not words a proper lady would ever udder in public. I'm afriad Scout has not been making a very good impression on the other Ladies around town, they all feel as I do; She needs to start being a lady.

The Second Step to Becoming a Lady

When a girl is making the uneasy transition from "girl" to "lady", the up and coming woman must learn to stay inside and help with housework, not run around making messes. To be a lady, one must now take the actions of a lady, helping with the cooking, cleaning, and other house chores. What I'm trying to get at is: Mud is for boys.

The activity above is appropriate for a boy, but not a lady.

The activity below is appropriate for a lady.

The First Step to Being a Lady, (and the most important.)

The first step to being a lady, and the most important step, is:

Do not, by any means, on any occasion, for any reason, EVER wear overalls. When I see Scout in them, running around with the boys it nearly drives me up the wall! A Proper lady wears a dress, and not just on Sunday. Overalls are for boys, and they do not make a good impression on ANYONE if you are trying to give off the image of class. Here is one suggestion:
When wearing a dress, one must stay out of messes, which I bring up in the second step.